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    Bunion Corrector Sleeves (1 Pair)

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    If you suffer from bunions, hallux valgus deformity, or toe overlap, these orthopedic bunion corrector sleeves are just what you need!

    They're comfortable, high-quality, and will provide you relief throughout the day while also helping to stretch the ligaments and tendons of the foot.

    OrthoFlexx Orthopedic Pain-Free Bunion Corrector

    • Includes one pair of sleeves
    • Made of elastic and breathable fabric
    • Fits most adult feet
    • Can be worn with any shoes you own
    • Available Exclusively Online
    What Is It?

    The OrthoFlexx Bunion Corrector is a thin foot and toe sleeve which is worn over the foot on a daily basis. The bunion corrector sleeve spaces out the toes while it is in use and provides relief to the individual.

    OrthoFlexx Orthopedic Pain-Free Bunion Corrector

    How Can It Be Helpful?

    Early stages

    Maintaining the alignment of joints and slows the formation of bunions.
    Helping to stretch the ligaments and tendons of the foot.


    Maintaining the surgical alignment bringing comfort and relief from postoperative pain.

    How To Use It?

    Simply put on the sleeve over your foot and ankle and align the toe separator between your first and second toes. Start experiencing the relief that OrthoFlexx Bunion Correctors can give you today!

    OrthoFlexx Orthopedic Pain-Free Bunion Corrector

    Who Needs This?

    If you have moderate to severe bunions, and they are not yet severe enough to warrant surgery, giving a bunion corrector like this one a try can be a great starting point.

    They can also help with the postoperative treatment, maintaining the correct alignment of the toes.

    What Are Bunions?

    Bunions are prominent and inflamed heads of the metatarsal joints which are associated with hallux valgus – the movement of the great toe towards the second toe. They are often associated with pain as well as problems with walking and wearing normal shoes

    Can Bunion Corrector Sleeves correct Hallux Valgus?

    The evidence suggests that conservative management of hallux valgus can result in a reduction of pain, and relief of inflammation of the metatarsal head (i.e. the bunion).

    What are the Benefits of a Bunion Corrector Sleeve?

    Although there are no long-term and validated research studies in the literature which definitively prove the benefits of a bunion corrector sleeve, there are several theoretical benefits which have been proposed:

    • Helping to stretch the ligaments and tendons of the foot
    • Helping to break scar tissue apart
    • Maintaining correction of the hallux valgus post-operatively to encourage healing
    Are there any Side Effects from wearing Bunion Corrector Sleeves?

    Individuals who expose their feet to wet areas (e.g. military personnel, dock workers etc.) should allow their feet to breathe periodically to avoid the development of fungal infections such as ringworm

    Dr. Joel Rice (MBBS)
    National University of Singapore


    How long should I wear the sleeve?

    We recommend starting the treatment by using the sleeve at least 1 hour per session at the beginning and increments of 30-60 minutes thereafter. It is important that you allow your foot muscles enough time to adapt and recover as you stretch them.

    How to wash the sleeves?

    To maintain the quality and effect we recommend hand washing them with soap in cold water and then air dry them.

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