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    Estera™ Absorbent Floor Mat

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    • Estera™ Absorbent Floor Mat absorbs water in seconds to keep your floors and feet warm, dry, and happy. Our ultra-soft mat comes in four beautiful colours and will add an extra touch of comfort and style to any bathroom.  



      "I love these mats! They are simple, stylish, and so absorbent. I can also see whenever I have hair or other debris on there I can immediately clean it up. Unlike other rugs that just collect all that trash! These are awesome, I'll order more probably for the rest of my family and replacements for myself."      

      Hannah G


      Absorbent & Quick-Drying: Our Super Absorbent Floor Mat has incredibly strong liquid absorption, and will suck up water in a matter of seconds.


      Non-Slip: This floor mat is made of PVC and Technical Velvet, making it durable and quick drying. It’s lined with a non-slip durable rubber so that it won’t slip… and neither will you. 

      High-Quality: No decompressing, no disintegrating. This mat is made to last. That means it’ll be around for a long time, and will properly protect your floors from water damage, unlike a conventional bathroom mat. 


      Easy To Clean: Our Super Absorbent Floor Mat is oil-proof, and effortless to clean. No need for machine: all this mat needs is a quick wipe down with a brush or sponge. 


      Material: PVC
      Colour: Blue, Green, Light Grey, Dark Grey
      Size: 40x60cm  50x80cm 60x90cm 




    • Owning our "Super Absorbent Floor Mat" is soft and comfortable, with a good foot feel. It can be curled freely and is convenient for storage. Let the home be clean, warm, and comfortable.


    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q: How do I clean it?

    A: You can clean it with soapy water and brush it or you can just flush it with a high-pressure water and it will be cleaned easily.


    Q: Does it slip when very wet?

    A: No, it doesn't slip. The bottom of the mat is made from textured rubber.


    Q: What are all the colors to choose from?

    A: There are light grey, blue, dark grey, and green mats to match your area of choice.