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    Portable Electric Juicer

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    • BLEND ON THE GO - This blender is light enough to take with you to work or while you run daily errands. It's compact design allows you to easily fit blender into your backpack or handbag.
    • WIRELESS CHARGING WITH EASE- Just click the wireless charging system (that's included) into place and your blender will fast charge within 2 to 3 hours. Impressive huh?
    • EXCEPTIONAL TRENDY DESIGN - It's the first portable blender that combines a modern luxury European design with a ultra-powerful blending capability.
    • ULTIMATE CHOICE- The modern and sleek design fits perfectly in your hand for a comfortable, firm and hassle-free grip. In addition the circular handle extension on the blender neck makes it a convenient carry-on bottle.


    Take it wherever you go, to work, the beach, the gym, or even while you chill at home.

    Travelzoid gives you what your old blender couldn’t, an easy way to recharge, and the ability to make a quick smoothie from anywhere! It’s a bottle, blender and energy booster all in one portable device!


    Kinzzel FRUIT JUICER


    • Capacity: 350ml
    • Color: Pink, White
    • Weight: 490g
    • Size: 82mm* 82mm' 218mm
    • Input: DC5V-1A
    • Battery voltage: 7.4V-1400mAh
    • Rated power: 50W

    Packing list:

    • 1x Travelzoid Portable Juice Blender
    • 1x Wireless Charging Base