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    Travel Pods

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    With these travel pods, you wont have to travel with so many items in your bag.

    Leak-Proof: The 4-in-1 travel bottle is made of sturdy PP shell material, no need to worry about accidental shocks and bumps. When not in use, just turn the top to hide the opening, there is no way to leak at all.

    EASY TO USE: Just fill your bottle with what you want. Comes with labels so you can easily decide what is what. Label each product and put them in your 4 in 1 travel dispenser, they are also easy to dispense, just twist the cap to switch between different bottles, no need to take out the liquid bottle, you'll get it right away Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, cosmetics, etc.

    PORTABLE AND SPACE SAVING: The 4-in-1 travel bottle packs your shampoo, body wash, lotion and more in one portable multi-purpose dispenser.

    Great Travel Companion: This 4 in 1 travel bottle set is suitable for most liquids and lotions, such as shampoo, lotion, toner, cleansing water, great for students, travelers, athletes, professionals, great for business travel, camping , gym, vacation, etc.


    ◆ 4-in-1 Travel Bottles.
    ◆ Little Body But Big Volume
    ◆ Simply squeezes to quickly dispense liquids
    ◆ Leak-Proof Design.
    ◆ Easy to Refill and Clean.
    ◆ Can be Taken on the Plane


    • Material: PP
    • Color: White
    • Product size: 12.7*7.5cm
    • Product weight: 169g

    Package Contents:

    ◆ 4 Travel Pods(Each pod hold 2.5oz)
    ◆ 1 Travel Case for the Pods