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    Window Net Anti-mosquito Mesh Screen Patch Repair Tape

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    Magic tape to fix your mesh screen!

    Got a hole in your window screens? It can cost an arm and a leg to fix one little hole, yet it shouldn’t be. All it takes is one piece of tape!

    New screen once again!

    Anyone who has a mesh/steel wire screen knows the pain of seeing one tear on it, as it entirely defeats the purpose of the screen. Here’s the modern solution, tape on the breach, and you’ll never need to change the whole screen anymore.


    As you no longer have to waste a ton on changing a new door screen, you save at least hundreds of bucks! This roll of tape will last you forever and cost only a fraction of the price!

    Super sticky & tear-resistant 

    This tape will stick like no other tape, and stay on the window screen tear-free and rust-free longer than any other.

    Super simple to use

    Anyone following this instruction can be a professional screen saver. Just clear the area, cut off a piece of tape, remove the backing liner and stick it on the affected area! Voila~

    Wide application

    Feel free to fix any tear and hole on multiple types of screen, and prevent mosquitoes and other insects from breaking in your house!

    Save money on a new screen now!


    • Material: Fiberglass

    • Dimensions: 5cm x 2m

    • Wire Diameter: 0.2mm